Product Installation

Installing Your Cowlends

Use a slot screwdriver to pop and remove the
retaining pin found near the outer edge of the
cowling. Please be careful not to scratch your
cowling with screwdriver
Gently lift up the outer edge of the cowling
Working from above, insert the lockings tabs of
the cowlends into the slots on the cowling and
press down into place. Then working from below,
GENTLY pull the locking tabs down to make sure
they are fully seated and locked into place.

Replace the retaining pin to secure the cowling.
Your new cowlends are now correctly installed
and will remain securely attached to the vehicle.

DISCLAIMER: We guarantee your satisfaction and
stand behind the construction of our parts but we
CANNOT be held responsivle for replacement of
parts that are simply pressed into place from
above and not securely attached to the vehicle.