our story

We noticed the COWL ENDS (rubber end pieces) on the windshield wiper cowl of our 2005 Ford F-150 Lariat were damaged, and three washes later they were completely GONE! When we went to our local Ford dealer to replace them we were surprised to learn that they did not sell just the end pieces but that we would need to replace the entire left or right side cowling. We stomped out and visited several of the local auto parts stores only to discover that they did not carry these parts either. One of the local parts guys told us to check Ebay because "if you can't find it on there it doesn't exist."

Well, we didn't find them there, but on our journey we were introduced to several online forums dedicated to owners of Ford trucks. That's when we discovered that we were far from being the only ones with this problem. We eventually returned to our Ford dealer and purchased new cowlings for both sides at a cost of over $200. We thought this was insanity, but driving our nice truck around with them missing simply was not an option.

We started noticing just how many of these trucks there are on the road and started making a game out of looking at as many of them as possible to see if the "cowl ends" were damaged or missing. Our informal "market research" found that these parts are either damaged or completely missing on approximately 90% of the trucks we looked at, and over the past couple years we have looked at thousands.

We've had the opportunity to talk with many truck owners and almost all of them were aware that the parts were missing, and while they were not happy about it they either didn't know how to go about fixing them, or discovered as we did, that the replacement cost is prohibitive! We decided that there was a legitimate need for this product and we set out to do do something about it. It took us two years to get to market (making and marketing a new product and opening a small business these days is a monumental undertaking) but we finally made it.

We went through several stages of improvement with our manufacturer in order to get these parts "just right." We are very pleased with the results and are proud to be able to offer this product to you.Thank you for supporting our dream!