04-08 Ford F-150 Cowlends Display Pack 6 pairs

  • Countertop Display Pack comes pre-filled with 6 pairs of our CE-1 Cowlends. FREE SHIPPING!
  • Dimensions- 1.5" high tray with a 4" high display card at rear of box. 7"wide and 5.25" front to back
  • When purchased in the Display Pack the cost per pair is only $9.66 per pair compared to out list price of $10.71. This leaves you plenty of room to mark up and still maintain competitive pricing. If you are able to offer installation for a small fee the profit margin is even better. FREE SHIPPING!
  • The locking tabs line up perfectly with existing holes in cowling making for easy installation in under 5 minutes using just a slot screwdriver, and best of all there is NO NEED to remove the cowling!
  • 90% of customers visiting our website report that the first places they looked for these were at their local Ford dealer, auto parts stores, and salvage yards. Here is your chance to stock a hard to find part that is needed on virtually every 04-08 F-150.
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Cowlends Display Pack
Point of sale display box contains 6 pairs of Cowlends. Box measures H-1.5", W-7", L-5".
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